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First Videos

I’ve never tried making a significant video before, so doing a “video journal” of a fountain pen was a good exercise.  I’m satisfied with the video part, but I learned that I have a lot to learn about audio.

Zebrawood fountain penThe first video follows the making of a fountain pen out of Zebrawood.  There is a ridiculously long version, and a shorter “executive summary“.  The long version features conversation and explanation, while the short version (embedded below) is just video excerpts of the major steps with voice-over narration.

Starting Web-Site

This is a test and a first post.  I’ve been making hand-made pens and other similar instruments for many years, but have never got around to having an online presence for this hobby.

Recently, several people who have received my pens (gifts, prizes, charity auctions, etc) have remarked that they’d like to see more about how they are made.  So, I’ve started keeping photo and video logs of pen making, with the thought that some pens will come with a link to a page on this site, showing the process of making it from raw materials through to finished product.

Cleaning up the look & feel of this site – colours, header images, etc – will follow over the next days, as time permits.