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Overhead camera mount

I wanted multiple camera angles for filming work at the lathe. I like an “over the shoulder” angle the best, but sometimes my body got in the way or threw a shadow, and I wanted a camera directly above the lathe as a “B-Roll” to provide a second choice for any given scenario.

Ceiling-Mounted camera over latheI found a nice solution. A “super clamp” with a 3/8″ stud is clamped to a piece of timber fastened to the ceiling joists over the lathe, and a ball-head mount is on the clamp. With an Arca-swiss quick-release mount, and plates on all the cameras, I can very quickly install a camera directly over the lathe and facing down.

L1000080I also mounted a “cold shoe” into the ceiling at this point, providing a place to mount a small video screen. This, driven from the camera, lets me adjust what it’s pointing at.

L1000082So the complete setup is one camera off to the side for “over the shoulder” view, and a second mounted directly overhead.

This is working quite well. I film every scene with both cameras, and then have the option of cutting between camera views like this: